Wool Felt - Fashion Designs and Various Applications

YuanBo is a professional manufacturer of wool felt in China mainland. Founded in 2003, we have twelve years experience of producing and exporting wool felt.

Wool felt is a type of widely used material in both industrial applications and daily life applications.

Wool felt has different production technology, main types of wool felt are needle punched wool felt and pressed wool felt. Pressed wool felt is widely used in industrial applications, such as wool felt polishing wheels and wool felt bobs. Needle punched wool felt with various colors is widely used in our daily life for decoration, protection and storage, such as wool felt sauna hat, wool felt storage bag, wool felt coasters and wool felt insoles.

There is a type of wool felt balls which are made of 100% natural wool. They are widely used as wool felt dryer balls and various decoration balls.

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Natural material

Wool felt is manufactured from natural wool, which is non-toxic, environmental and tasteless. The natural wool felt products are suitable for all people ranging from babies to the old.

Advanced staining technique

Various colors of wool felt are stained with advanced technology. Wool felt and related products are fading resistance and the bright colors can remain for a long time.

Fashion design

Wool felt and related products are featured with fashion design, including the two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs and patterns.

Long lasting and durable

Wool felt has outstanding wear resistance which can make the industrial wool felt be long lasting. The bright colors and washable features ensure the daily life wool felts be durable.

Various applications

Wool felt is popular in industries and our daily life. It cannot only be used as the polishing material in the industry but also can supply protection and decoration for our life.

Order Process
  • Product material.
  • Detailed specification.
  • Needed colors.
  • Order quantity.
  • Particular specifications.
  • Special colors.
  • Shape design.
  • Logo printing.
  • Promised price.
  • Payment items.
  • Delivery times.
  • Package requirement.
  • Short production cycle.
  • Low production loss.
  • High production efficiency.
  • Strict quality control.
  • Carefully products check.
  • Professional packaging team.
  • Delicate and safe package.
  • Well-ordered storage.
  • High efficient loading.
  • Fast land transportation.
  • Tight shipping schedule.
  • Track and feedback shipment.

If you are interested in our products and want to know more about the wool felt, you can contact us via Elaine@yongber.com. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Hot Products
Needle Punched Wool Felt

Needle punched wool felt with natural materials and various colors is widely used in our daily life for decorative and functional application.

Pressed Wool Felt

Pressed wool felt is manufactured through a wet process to be used in industrial applications for polishing, sealing and furniture protection.

Wool Felt Fabric

Wool felt fabric with 100% wool and blend types has so many colors to be material of clothes, computer bags and home decorations.

Wool felt sauna hat

Wool felt sauna hat with multi-color, various styles and applique or embroidery decorations is used to protect head and hair from heating moisture.


Handmade Wool Felt Balls Process

Here are the detailed process of DIY wool felt balls. Refer to it and do your own wool felt balls and related products.