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How to DIY Wool Felt Balls

A bowl of water, three masses of wool roving and a green soap.
Basic material of DIY wool felt ball.

Wool felt ball is a magical ball which can be used in various applications. If you have some unused wool roving, you can DIY some wool felt balls to decorate your home and pass the time.

Required material

  1. Wool roving.
  2. Soap.
  3. Water.
  4. Bowl.


Two purple wool roving strips.
  1. Mix soap with water, until the water becomes cloudy and can form foam when you rub your hands together. The soap water is very important material of making wool felt ball.
  2. Divide the wool roving into several strips, which is about 10 - 15 cm long. Do this step by dry hand instead of scissor for natural and ragged ends.
    Several wool roving is twisted on a finger.
  3. Warp one of your wool strip around your finger to form a loose ball. You should ensure the fibers are spread evenly for smooth surface. Warp the strips continously until you get the wanted sizes. You should ensure the joint is smooth and will not loose, so that you can get an evenly wool felt ball.
    A pair of hands is rolling a pink wool felt ball.
  4. Dip the loose ball into water to wet through and roll it gently between your palm. Add the wool roving strip continuously to have your ideal size. Your ball will shrink through felting process, you should continue dipping your ball in the water and rolling until your ball slowly getting firming. Increase the pressure of rolling for more durability and firmness.
    Several different colors felt balls in a plate.
  5. Drop the ball on the table to check if it has a little bounce after 3 mins to 5 mins. If so, your ball is nicely felted and firm.
  6. Rinse the soap out of your ball, squeeze and give a finally roll, then you will get a perfect wool felt ball.

Application of wool felt ball

  • Wool felt ball has a wide range of applications, which is mainly for decorations.
  • It can be made into necklaces and bracelet for unique design.
  • Wool felt balls can be combined into various festival decorations, for example the Christmas tree and wretch.
  • Different colors of wool felt balls can be used as the felt coasters and felt rugs in your home to let your home be more attractive and colorful.
Four different colors wool felt ball coaster and a cup on one coaster.
Wool felt ball can be used as coaster.
A wool felt ball necklace and four bracelet with various colors.
Wool felt ball can be made into beautiful jewelries.

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