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Wool Felt Fabric - Ideal for Clothes and Home Decorations

Wool felt fabric is a colorful fabric which is manufactured from 100% wool or blend of wool and rayon.

Wool felt fabric has various types. It can be supplied in sheet, which is suitable for handmade crafts and DIY materials. It can also be supplied in rolls, which need large sizes and suit for bag, hats, clothes and other products.

Wool felt fabric has so many colors, which cannot be list all. The various colors can make your works or clothes be much more attractive and beautiful, and different colors combination can let you get unique design, which is different from others.

Several pieces of wool felt fabrics on the white background with different colors.
Wool felt fabric sheet
Several rolls of wool felt fabrics on the white background with all different colors.
Wool felt rolls

What’s the difference of 100% wool felt, blend of wool and rayon felt and rayon felt?

  • Material. 100% wool felt fabric as it names, the wool content is 100% and without any other rayon. The blend wool felt fabric is the blend of wool and rayon. It can be blend of 20% wool and 80% rayon, 35% wool and 65% rayon, 70% wool and 30% rayon. The rayon felt is made of rayon, without wool.
  • Price. Rayon felt is the most economic kind and the 100% woo felt is the most expensive kind.
  • Warm property. The 100% pure wool felt fabric has better warm properties than the blend wool felt fabric. It can protect people from even chilliest winters. The blend wool fabric products can secure body from not very cold weathers.
  • Wash property. The 100% wool felt fabric need to be washed in cold waters to prevent fabric from shrinking, and the blend wool felt fabric and rayon felt have lower requirements for the temperature requirements than the pure wool felt fabric. Additionally, the blend wool felt and rayon felt are much more washable, softer and less shrinkage characters.
  • Color. The 100% wool felt only white color. The rayon felt can have any color you want.
  • Application. The 100% wool felt is commonly used in industry for oil sealing, polishing and so on. The rayon felt are commonly used for making bag, decoration, craftwork, coasters, placemats and so on.


  • Material: 100% wool, blend of 20% wool and 80% rayon, blend of 35% wool and 65% rayon, blend of 70% wool and 30% rayon.
  • Thickness: 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and special is customized.
  • Sizes:
    • Sizes in sheet: 8" × 12", 18" × 18", 36" × 36", 36" × 72" and other specs can be customized.
    • Sizes inn roll: width is 36" and 72". Length is according to customers' requirements.
  • Colors: red, white, yellow, green, blue and any other colors you want.
One hundred and eight colors of wool felt fabric on the white background.
We can supply a wide range of colors for choice.


  • Color fast and fade resistant. The advanced dyeing process can ensure the color fastness and fade resistance.
  • Safety. No matter the 100% wool felt fabric and blend wool felt are not processed with any harsh chemicals and are toxin-free.
  • Various colors. The wool felt fabric has a wide range of colors, which can satisfy different customers' requirements and supply more choice for customers. Additionally, it can make the crafts be more attractive and lifelike.
  • Different thickness. The different thickness can satisfy different customers' requirements to the thickness and hardness.
  • Soft. The wool has outstanding softness features, the clothes or shoes made of wool felt fabric is soft and comfortable than other polyester materials.
  • Wear resistance. The wool felt fabric has outstanding wear resistance and stability, which can ensure the long service life and durability of wool felt fabric.
  • Various applications. The wool felt fabric can be used for various applications, such as wool felt hats, wool felt bag, clothes, shoes and various decorations, which can be high class goods or home decorations.

Wool felt fabric has so many applications, which range from clothes to home decorations.

  • Wool felt fabric is the best materials of warm goods, such as clothes, wool felt shoes, hats, gloves and so on.
  • Wool felt fabric can be used to produce wool felt computer related products, such as computer bag, tablet bag, mouse and mouse pad.
  • Wool felt fabric is widely used as DIY materials for handmade decorations, crafts and other things.
  • Wool felt fabric is a popular material for household items, such as table runners, wool felt coasters and placemats.
A green wool felt hat is on the head of model.
Wool felt hat made of wool felt fabric.
A white and black mouse on the green mouse pad.
Wool felt mouse pad made of wool felt fabric.
A green star with embroidery on the body and latticed bowknot on the top.
Christmas decoration made of wool felt fabric.
Four green coasters on the white table and a white cup on one coaster.
Coasters made of wool felt fabric.

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