Wool Felt - Widely Used in the Industry and Our Daily Life

Needle Punched Wool Felt

Needle punched wool felt with natural materials and various colors is widely used in our daily life for decorative and functional application.

Pressed Wool Felt

Pressed wool felt is manufactured through a wet process to be used in industrial applications for polishing, sealing and furniture protection.

Wool Felt Fabric

Wool felt fabric with 100% wool and blend types has so many colors to be material of clothes, computer bags and home decorations.

Wool felt sauna hat

Wool felt sauna hat with multi-color, various styles and applique or embroidery decorations is used to protect head and hair from heating moisture.

Wool Felt Sauna Mat

Wool felt sauna mat with round or rectangular shapes is made from 100% natural wool felt material to protect your body from overheating.

Wool Felt Sauna Glove

Wool felt sauna glove with casual and fashion types is widely used in the sauna rooms to protect hands from overheating and damage.

Wool Dryer Balls

100% wool dryer balls are eco-friendly and harmless to speed up drying time, save energy and reduce wrinkles and statics.

Wool Felt Ball

Wool felt ball is manufactured from natural and non-toxic wool to be used in our daily life for rugs, coasters and various decorations.

Felt Furniture Pad

Felt furniture pad with various shapes and types is widely used for sound insulation and furniture protection.

Wool Felt Coaster

Wool felt coaster with various types and designs is widely used in our daily life to protect the table surface from hot cups.

Wool Felt Placemat

Wool felt placemat with unique design and various colors is widely used on the dining tables for heat insulation and decoration.

Wool Felt Storage Bag

Wool felt storage bag with various types and colors is widely used as coin pocket, glasses bag, phone bag, tablet sleeve, document bags and card holder.

Wool Felt Insoles

Wool felt insoles, manufactured from 100% natural wool, are warm and soft to protect your feet and toes from cold weathers.

Wool Felt Shoes

Wool felt shoes with various colors and styles can supply warm and fashion for both adults and kids.

Wool Felt Cultural Goods

Wool felt cultural goods with wool felt painting and calligraphy wool felt types can decorate your home and protect your works and desk.

Wool Felt Bob

Wool felt bob with various shapes and complete specifications is widely used for glass or metal complex and precise polishing.

Wool Felt Polishing Wheel

Wool felt polishing wheel with square and knife edge and various accessories added is widely used for glass, crystal and stainless steel polishing.