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Wool Felt Bob - Various Shapes and Complete Specification

Wool felt bob is a type of polishing wool felt, which is mandrel mounted. Manufactured from 100% pressed wool felt, wool felt bob has outstanding wear resistance character. The mandrel shank is made of high quality precision steel, which has the diameter of 3/32ʺ, 1/8ʺ and 1/4ʺ.

The wool felt bobs have two different types: cylindrical felt bobs and shaped felt bobs. Different shapes of wool felt bobs can suit more applications and polish more precise.

The diameter size ranges from 1/8ʺ up to 3ʺ and available in soft, medium, hard and rock hard densities.

The wool felt bob owns small body which can be used for precision polishing. It is suitable for eliminating scratch on the glasses, ceramic and other products.


  • Material: 100% wool felt.
  • Type: cylindrical and shaped.
  • Shaped felt bobs classification: ball, cone, club and so on.
  • Felt bob width:
    • Cylinder bob: 1/8ʺ, 3/16ʺ, 1/4ʺ, 5/16ʺ, 3/8", 1/2ʺ, 3/4ʺ, 1ʺ, 1-1/4ʺ, 1-1/2ʺ, 1-3/4ʺ, 2ʺ and 3ʺ.
    • Shaped bob: 3/8ʺ, 1/2ʺ, 3/4ʺ, 1ʺ and so on.
  • Felt bob height:
    • Cylinder bob: 1/4ʺ, 5/16ʺ, 3/8ʺ, 1/2ʺ, 3/4ʺ, 1ʺ, 1-1/4ʺ, 1-1/2ʺ and 2ʺ.
    • Shaped bob: 3/8ʺ, 1/2ʺ, 3/4ʺ and 1ʺ.
  • Mandrel diameter: 3/32ʺ, 1/8ʺ and 1/4ʺ.
  • Density class: soft, medium, hard and rock hard.
Six cylindrical wool felt bobs on the white background.
Cylindrical wool felt bobs.
Two cone shape shaped wool felt bobs on the white background.
Cone shaped wool felt bobs.
Cylindrical sizes specifications
Item Width Height Shank diameter Type
NWFBC-01 1/8ʺ 1/4ʺ 3/32ʺ Small cylindrical
NWFBC-02 1/8ʺ 3/8ʺ 3/32ʺ Small cylindrical
NWFBC-03 3/16ʺ 3/8ʺ 3/32ʺ Small cylindrical
NWFBC-04 1/4ʺ 1/4ʺ 1/8ʺ Small cylindrical
NWFBC-05 1/4ʺ 3/8ʺ 1/8ʺ Small cylindrical
NWFBC-06 1/4ʺ 1/2ʺ 1/8ʺ Small cylindrical
NWFBC-07 5/16ʺ 5/16ʺ 1/8ʺ Small cylindrical
NWFBC-08 5/16ʺ 3/8ʺ 1/8ʺ Small cylindrical
NWFBC-09 5/16ʺ 1/2ʺ 1/8ʺ Small cylindrical
NWFBC-10 3/8ʺ 3/8ʺ 1/8ʺ Small cylindrical
NWFBC-11 1/2ʺ 1/2ʺ 1/8ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-12 1/2ʺ 3/4ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-13 1/2ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-14 3/4ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-15 3/4ʺ 1-1/2ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-16 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-17 1-1/4ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-18 1-1/2ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-19 1-3/4ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-20 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-21 1-1/4ʺ 1-1/4ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-22 1-1/2ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-23 1-1/2ʺ 1-1/2ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-24 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-25 1-1/2ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-26 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
NWFBC-27 1-1/2ʺ 1/4ʺ Large cylindrical
Shaped wool felt bobs specifications
Item Shape Width Height Shank diameter
NWFBS-01 Ball shape 1/2ʺ 1/2ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-02 Ball shape 3/4ʺ 3/4ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-03 Ball shape 1/4ʺ
NWFBS-04 Club shape 1/2ʺ 3/4ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-05 Club shape 3/4ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-06 Club shape 1-1/4ʺ 1/4ʺ
NWFBS-07 Cone shape 1/2ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-08 Cone shape 3/4ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-09 Cone shape 1-1/4ʺ 1/4ʺ
NWFBS-10 Rounded cone shape 3/8ʺ 1/2ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-11 Rounded cone shape 1/2ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-12 Rounded cone shape 3/4ʺ 1-1/2ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-13 Rounded cone shape 1/4ʺ
NWFBS-14 Wide cone shape 3/8ʺ 1/2ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-15 Wide cone shape 1/2ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-16 Wide cone shape 3/4ʺ 3/4ʺ 1/8ʺ
NWFBS-17 Wide cone shape 1/4ʺ


  • Wear resistance. It can ensure the long service life of wool felt bobs.
  • Small body. It can complete the fine and complex polishing and it can polish the places where wool felt polishing wheel cannot reach.
  • Various shapes. The wool felt bob has so many shapes, which can suit more applications and complete more precise polishing.
  • Complete specifications. We can supply complete specifications, which can suit more customers' requirements.
  • Customized. Special sizes and shapes can be customized at no extra charge.
Several cylinder wool felt bobs are plugged in a plastic model.
Various specs can satisfy more customers' requirements.
Twelve wool felt bobs with various different shapes.
Different shapes can complete more complex and fine polishing.

Compared with wool felt polishing wheel, the wool felt bob can complete more precise polishing and can reach these places where the polishing wheel cannot reached.

  • Wool felt bob can be used for eliminating the scratch on the glasses and jewelries.
  • It can be used for complex and fine polishing of the precision instrument, models and other expensive goods.
  • Wool felt bob is widely used as the polishing material for the metal polishing.
A hand is eliminating the scratch by the wool felt bob and diamond compound.
Wool felt bob can be used to eliminate glass scratch on the glass.
A pair of hands are polishing a metal accessory by the shaped wool felt bob.
Wool felt bob can complete fine and complex polishing for metal.

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