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Wool Felt Ball - Natural and Soft Material to be used as Decorations

Various colors of wool felt balls are put together to form a diamond shape.
Wool felt balls have various colors for choice.

Wool felt ball is widely accepted all over the world. Why it is so popular with people especially those who like DIY.

Compared with wool dryer balls, the wool felt balls have small diameter sizes and the Wool felt ball can be manufactured from 100% wool or 100% rayon, which is natural and non-toxic..

Wool felt ball is different from wool dryer balls.

  • Wool felt ball has smaller diameter size and the wool dryer balls have larger diameter sizes. Wool felt ball is mainly used for decorations and DIY materials. The wool dryer balls are mainly used in the washing machines to speed up clothes drying and reduce wrinkles.
  • Wool felt ball has various colors for choice. The various colors make it easy to suit more applications. Different colors of wool felt ball can be combined to form various crafts and decorations.


  • Material: 100% natural wool or 100% rayon (commonly used).
  • Sizes: 1 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm and other sizes can be customized.
  • Colors: white, pink, blue, green, yellow and any other colors you want.
  • Color types: pure colors and mixed colors.


  • Natural. The material of wool felt ball is 100% natural wool, which is non-toxic. When it is made into jewelries, it will not cause allergy.
  • Soft. The wool felt ball is soft and no sharp edge, which can be hurt people's skin.
  • Various colors. The wool felt ball has so many colors, which cannot be listed, you can find the perfect one from here.
  • Multi-application. Wool felt ball has so many applications, such as bracelet, necklace, Christmas trees and other decorations.
  • Customized. If you can't find your favorite colors or design, just tell us, we will customize according to your requirements.
  • Dyed with non-toxic colorfast dyes. It can remain bright and long lasting colors.

The wool felt ball is widely used in our daily life, people love to DIY some special things using the wool felt ball.

  • Wool felt ball can be used for decorations to supply beautiful and bright elements for the festivals and home, such as Christmas trees and decorations, necklace, bracelet and other decorations.
  • The wool felt ball can be made into various functional things in our daily life, such as the wool felt ball cushions or carpet. It can add colorful and funny elements to our daily life.
A baby is lying on the wool felt ball rug.
Wool felt ball rug
Three wool felt ball coasters and a cup of coffee on one of them and a wood spoon on another one.
Wool felt ball coaster
Two keys dangle from a wool felt ball key chain.
Wool felt ball key chain.
A colorful wreath made by wool felt balls with a white hanger loop on the top.
Colorful wool felt ball wreath.
A tree like decoration with wool felt balls in the white china vase.
Wool felt ball decoration.
A green wool felt ball Christmas tree with several decorations and a red star on the top.
Wool felt ball Christmas tree.

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