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Wool Dryer Balls Secure Your Clothes from Wrinkles and Statics

Have you been using the dryer sheet or plastic dryer balls for laundry dryer? Have you add the fabric conditioners in your machine to soften your clothes. There are some questions you may worry:

  • Drying time is so long that it may waste your precious time.
  • The long time working will waste so many energies.
  • There are lots of wrinkles on the clothes after drying.
  • If there are some chemicals in the fabric conditioners, which may harm to our health.
  • If it is safe when the baby or pets play with them?
Two shirts and a pair of pants are full of wrinkles.
The clothes are full of wrinkles by using the plastic dryer balls.
A hand is preparing for pouring soften conditioner into the machine.
There may have a lot of chemicals in the soften conditioners.

There are new products in our company to solve all of your worries. They are wool dryer balls.

  • Wool dryer balls can help with the air circulation and speed up drying process to reduce drying time.
  • Wool dryer balls can save drying time and save energies and make the machine be long lasting and durable.
  • Wool dryer balls can separate the clothes and reduce wrinkles on your clothes, and make your clothes be clean and smooth.
  • The materials of wool dryer balls are 100% natural wool, which doesn't contain any chemical elements in it.
  • Wool dryer balls are safe for babies and pets to play with. It will not harm to them and eliminate your worries.
Two shirts and a pair of pants are stacked up smoothly on the white background.
Using wool dryer balls can eliminate wrinkles of clothes.
A little girl who is wearing the pink skirt is playing with wool dryer balls.
Wool dryer balls are natural and will not harm to the child or our health.

Additionally, the wool dryer balls have a lot of other advantages than drying sheets and plastic drying balls.

  • Same material inside and outside. Both the inside and outside of the wool drying balls are made of natural wool. It can ensure the durability and long service life of the balls.
  • Various colors. The common colors of wool dryer balls are natural white and gray. There are lots of colorful balls for choice. The colors are firm, which will not fade and stain your clothes.
  • Easy to operate. It needs no skill to operate, just throw two or three balls into your machine and then just waiting it stop.
  • Non-static cling. The wool dryer balls can reduce static cling and keep the clothes be smooth.
  • Excellent quality and reasonable price. The average service life of wool dryer balls is more than three years. Compare this price to the cost of two or three years of fabric conditioners, energy and time, believe you can get a clever choice.
A whole and two half wool dryer balls on the white background.
Both the outside and inside of the wool dryer balls are made of 100% wool.
Eight different colors wool dryer balls on the white background.
Wool dryer balls have various colors for choice.


  • Material: 100% wool.
  • Diameter: 60mm - 100mm.
  • Weight: 40g, 50g, 60g, 80g, 100g.
  • Color: natural white, gray and other various colors.
  • Package: plastic bag, paper bag, organza bag, cartons and other packages are available.
  • Quantity per bag: 3 pieces, 4 pieces, 6 pieces and other quantities are available.
Six natural white wool dryer balls in a plastic bag.
Wool dryer balls in plastic bag package.
Eight wool dryer balls in an organza bag and another empty bag beside of it.
Wool dryer balls in organza bag package.
Four different sizes paper bag and three white wool dryer balls.
Wool dryer balls in paper bag package.
Six natural white wool dryer balls in a carton.
Wool dryer balls in carton package.

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