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Wool Felt Shoes - Slippers, Casual, Sneakers and Boots

A pair of dark gray wool felt shoes with wool felt vamps and soles.
Wool felt can be used as the vamp and soles of wool felt shoes.

Wool felt, a newly and popular fabric cloth is widely used in various applications. Wool felt shoes are a common and widely seen type.

Wool felt can be used as vamp fabric and lining fabrics. Additionally, the wool felt can be made into one-piece wool felt shoes for kids' shoes and slippers to supply warm and comfortable.

Wool felt shoes have various types and styles: household, casual, sports, fashion. Moreover, the different decorations can be added onto the shoes, such as embroidery, applique, crystal, printing.

Wool felt shoes are manufactured from 100% natural wool felt. It can be one-piece felt shoes and can also be used with other materials.

Wool felt shoes are suitable for all people, including kids, women and men. The different colors, designs and styles wool felt shoes are more and more popular.


  • Material: 100% natural wool felt.
  • Sizes:
    • Women: 36 - 43.
    • Men: 40 - 48.
    • Kids: 16 - 39.
  • Colors: natural white, gray, dark gray, blue, green, pink, purple and any other colors you want.
  • Design style: fashion, casual and sports.
  • Shoes type: sneaker, slipper, clog, casual and boots.
  • Heel type: flat shoes and high heel.
A pair of gray casual flat shoes on the white background.
Casual flat shoes are made of wool felts.
A dark gray fashion shoe with a little heel on the white background.
Fashion shoes are made of wool felts.
A dark gray sneaker with rubber sole and ties on the white background.
Sneakers are made of wool felts.
A dark gray clog on the white background.
Clogs are made of wool felts.


  • Comfortable. Wool felt shoes are soft and give you a comfortable footing on the floor or on the hard road.
  • Breathable. The wool felt shoes, which use wool felt as vamp fabric are breathable and can let your feet breathe freely.
  • Safe. The wool felt are all natural and without any chemicals and harmful elements. It is ideal for infants and kids shoes.
  • Warm. Wool felt boots can keep your feet warm and dry in the cold winters. It can also be used combined with wool felt insoles to supply further warm for your feet and toes.
  • Various colors. Except for the natural colors, we can supply various other colors for choice, such as red, blue, green, pink and any colors you want.
  • Various types. We can supply various types of wool felt shoes, including household, casual, sport, fashion and other styles of shoes.
  • Decorations are available. Wool felt balls, embroidery, applique, crystal and printing can be added onto shoes to make them more beautiful.
  • Wide range of sizes. Our wool felt shoes are all international standard sizes, and special sizes can be customized.
  • Suitable for various people. Our wool felt shoes are not only suitable for adults, but also suitable for infants, toddlers and kids.
  • Customized. We can customize as your requirements, designs and drawings for special orders.
Seven slip-on slippers with different colors and styles.
Slip-on slippers are made of wool felts.
Five pairs of closed slippers on the white paperboard.
Closed slippers are made of wool felts.
A dark gray high heel bottine with black flowers on the white background.
Bottines are made of wool felts.
A pair of green boots on the white background.
Boots are made of wool felts.
A pair of pink infant shoes with blue wool felt ball on the white background.
Infant shoes are made of wool felts.
A pair of gray kid boots with rubber soles on the white background.
Kid boots are made of wool felts.

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