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Wool Felt Storage Bag for Storage and Protection

Wool felt storage bag is a series of wool felt bag specially used for storage. It can store all of your odds and ends, including coins, glasses, keys and computers. They can let your odds and ends have their own residences and let your bag or home be more tidy and in a perfect order.

The wool felt storage bag has a wide range of classifications, including coin pockets, glass bags, tablet sleeve, mobile bags, toiletry bag and so on.

Coin pocket

Coin pocket is commonly used for coin storage. It has a small body but can store all of your coins and small change. The main coin pocket has folded and zipper types and it can be added with handles for convenient carrying.

A detail of inner structure of a dark gray folded coil pocket with several coins in it and three different colors bags of outer structure.
Folded wool felt coin pocket.
A detail structure of green zipper coin pocket with a coin in it and three different colors zipper pockets.
Zipper coin pocket.

Glasses bag

Glasses bag can supply a residence for your glasses. It can protect your glasses from breaking. Separate your glasses with your pencils and other things, the wool felt glasses bag can protect your glasses from glasses scratching. Additionally, the soft wool felt will not hurt your glasses.

Glasses bag has two main types: snap-fastener type and minimalism type.

A pair of red glasses in a green snap-fastener glasses bag and four different colors bags on the left corner.
Snap glasses bag.
A pair of black glasses in a dark gray minimalism glasses bag and three different colors bags on the top left corner.
Minimalism glasses bag.

Tablet sleeve

Tablet sleeve, also called tablet bag and iPad bag, has various types, including magnetic snap type and elastic band type. There can be added extra pockets in the front or on the back of the bag. The back pocket is only allowed in the vertical iPad bag.

Tablet sleeve can protect the iPad, tablet and other electronics from breaking and falling. The soft wool felt can protect the iPad surface from scratching caused by keys and any other sharp things.

A white iPad is in a dark gray magnetic snap iPad bag
Magnetic snap wool felt iPad bag.
A black iPad is placed under a light gray elastic band wool felt tablet sleeve.
Elastic band wool felt tablet sleeve.
A horizontal wool felt tablet bag with an extra pocket in the front.
Wool felt tablet bag with extra front pocket.
A green vertical felt iPad case with an extra pocket back of the bag.
Wool felt iPad case with extra back pocket.

Wool felt phone bag

Similar to the wool felt tablet sleeve, the wool felt phone bag is mainly used for protection. The wool felt phone bag can protect the mobile phone from breaking and falling. Additionally, the wool felt is so soft that it will not hurt the mobile surface and leave scratches.

An iPhone is in the dark gray magnetic snap wool felt phone bag.
Magnetic snap wool felt phone bag.
A light gray wool felt phone bag with a snap faster on it and a mobile in the bag.
Snap fastener wool felt phone bag.
Two dark pink velcro wool felt phone bags and a black iPhone in the one bag.
Velcro wool felt phone bag.
A mobile in a phone bag with the headset is twisted on the bag body and a gray elastic band on the bag.
Elastic band wool felt phone bag.

Wool felt documents bag

Documents bag has various types, including snap fasteners, elastic bands, velcro and folded types. The various types of document bags are mainly used for documents, paper, notebooks and other office things storage.

The documents bag is wear resistance, which can ensure the long service life of the bag. The various colors of bags can let your office life be colorful and happy.

A green snap fastener wool felt document bag on a black notebook.
Snap fastener wool felt document.
A yellow wool felt document bag with several paper in it and a black elastic band.
Elastic bag wool felt document.
A dark gray velcro wool felt document bag with a piece of paper in it.
Velcro wool felt document bag.
A light green folded wool felt document bag with two notebooks and a pen in it.
Folded wool felt document bag.

Wool felt wallet

Wool felt wallet is mainly used for storing the money, card and even mobile phones. Wool felt wallet has short folded types and long snap fastener types. It can be added extra pocket for your cards and identity card. The wool felt wallet has various colors, which can supply more choice for customers.

A light green short wool felt wallet with several cards and money in it.
Short folded wool felt wallet.
A yellow and light gray long wool felt wallet with an iPhone and several money in it.
Wool felt long wallet with snap fastener.

Wool felt card holder

When you have so many cards, which cannot be stored in your wallet, you may need the card holder. The wool felt card holder has wear resistance surface to ensure the long service life. It can contain twelve, twenty-four and other card places for choice. If you need other types of wool felt card holder, just contact us to tell us and we will customize them for you.

A closed green card holder and an unpacked dark gray elastic band with a bank card in it.
Elastic band wool felt card holder.
A closed green card holder and an unpacked green wool felt card holder with snap fastener.
Snap fastener wool felt card holder.

Wool felt key holder

Wool felt key holder is an ideal product to store keys. It can protect your keys from losing. The clear position of keys let you find the keys easily. Additionally, the wool felt key holder can prevent the key from hurting the mobile, iPad and other expensive things in your bag.

An unfolded felt key holder with several keys in it and a folded felt key holder.
Folded wool felt key holder with rubber band.
Three keys in the blue snap fastener wool felt key holder.
Snap fastener wool felt key holder.

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